Acne & Acne-like Skin Inflammation

Acne and Acne-like Skin Inflammation

Acne vulgaris is due to the infection and inflammation of hair follicles and surrounding skin area when the hair follicles are plugged with oil or sebum and dead skin cells. Currently underlying etiologies of this condition is not clear. Acne is seen in several conditions where there is an increase production of sebum like in cases of hormonal changes, or an abundant of androgen-like hormon.

On top of the conditions mentioned above, our observation at Texas Allergy also shows that dust mites allergy can also contribute significantly to the etiologies of acne. In this case, the patient usually develop acne or acne-like skin inflammation arround the area where the skin is exposed to dust mites, like in the face and in the upper back where several erythematous skin papules or small pea-size like inflammation can be found. Most of patients with this type of acne, beside conventional acne medication treatment, treatment of dust mites allergy would significantly improve the quality of the skin.

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If you or our family experience any of those symptoms and are suspected of having this condition, please come visit our Allergy Clinic in Houston to see how we could help. Below are services and procedures that we offer at Texas Allergy for this condition.