Periodic Fever Syndrome

Periodic fever syndrome are autoinflammatory diseases that is characterized by uncontrolled activation of the immune system. Patients suffering from this condition experience recurrent or prolonged fever and local inflammations in the skin, mucus membrane, joints and other tissues causing joint pain, canker-sore-like lesions in the mouth, and skin rashes… Fever and other symptoms are not due to infection but due to hyperactivity of the immune system. Fever can be very high. In many cases, abnormal genetic disorders either inherited or new mutations can be identified by genetic testing. There are several known diseases within this syndrome and about 20 known genetic disorders identified to date. Several  medications are used to control the symptoms. In some diseases if left untreated, it could lead to amyloidosis complications.

If you or your family have or suspect of having this condition, please stop by for a discussion to see how we could help.